There are strategies that can help investment professionals invest in new ventures and get results that are more predictable and less volatile.

If you were investing in a new venture and had the option of buying one share of stock for ten dollars with principal protection or two shares with no protection of principal, what would you do? Take the protection or the risk?  iLIFE Capital (“ILIFE”), using its proprietary PrincipalProtector strategy, makes that option possible because they provide for a compensating balance investment (or sinking fund) that can provide an absolute return of an amount equal to 100% of the principal invested in an exempt private placement of debt or equity.  The strategy actually provides for the investor to select their level of Risk and Returns by incrementally increasing or decreasing the percentage of capital invested in an IssuerCo opportunity and a compensating balance investment in PrincipalProtector Capital...Read more about our structured hedging solutions for Private Placement by registering for a copy of our “Wall Street Funding Solutions & Absolute Principal Protection Strategies for Main Street Companies” (click on center box below).

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Wall Street Funding Solutions
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